Located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Honey Stinger, was founded in 2002 to bring great tasting, convenient honey-based foods to consumers. An athletic entrepreneur, a honey industry veteran, a food product developer and a beekeeper make up the team that founded Honey Stinger.

Honey Stinger products are available in specialty outdoor retail, natural foods, running and bike shops across the country and beyond. Our products are popular with athletes from all manner of sports and the company sponsors events, athletes and teams across the US and Europe.

10 Responses to About

  1. Tim says:

    How often should I consume a Honey Stinger Waffle when road biking to help maintain energy levels.

  2. Kevin says:

    I saw that your honey stinger waffles contain palm oil, and my question is whether you use certified sustainably harvested palm oil? Thank you.

  3. Jacqui D. says:

    Do you have a storefront in Steamboat that I can buy a sample pack?

  4. DonnaJo says:

    I was wondering if your organic honey was unpasteurized or not.
    Thank You.

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