HIVE SPOTLIGHT: Get to know Siobhan Pritchard + Run Rabbit Run Recap

Siobhan Pritchard

Home base:
Conifer, Colorado

Random fact about yourself:
I am legally blind.  I had surgery in 2006 to implant lenses into my eyes so I can see.

Main sport:
Mountain Ultra Trail Running

Do you compete for a team or for sponsors?
Rabbit , Runner’s High Team, Swiftwick , nuun , and Honey Stinger

Tell us about your most recent race, Run Rabbit Run, in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.
I went into RRR a bit nervous after a DNF in 2015. I was confident in my training, but you never know what might happen in a 100 mile race. My game plan was to start slow. I’ve blown up and watched so many other runners blow up in the first 40 miles that I knew to run my best I had to start conservatively, so I could run strong at the end.

It’s tough watching everyone else take off, but I stuck to my game plan and started picking off runners as we headed around Emerald Mountain. I didn’t want to start thinking about race place until closer to mile 70, but I ended up moving into the lead much earlier. It’s tough mentally to hang onto the lead for 60ish miles, but I just continued to stick to my race plan. I picked up my pacer at mile 70ish, and that was a welcome relief to running through the night. He was also able to give me updates on the other girls, like my friend Kara who was running a great race and only a few minutes back. It just fueled me to keep running hard. One of my race goals was to run from Summit Lake (mile 82ish) to the finish strong, and I pretty much nailed this section. That’s probably the part I’m most proud of. I love finishing races strong, and this was  great finish for me. I definitely didn’t have a perfect day and know that I left some time out on the course, so I’m excited to come back and push myself even harder

How did you hear about Honey Stinger?
Back when I was training for my first 50 miler, the girl I was running with swore by Honey Stinger gels.  I had no idea what I was doing or how to fuel, so I tried it and loved it!

Favorite Stinger fuel:
Grapefruit Energy Chews

Fueling tip – when do you eat your Stinger?
Before a big climb and at the top of the climb.  I like the chews because I can just pop one when I’m starting to feel a bit low on energy but don’t need a ton of calories at that moment.  It’s the perfect amount

Favorite quote to leave us with:
“Here is your chance to find your own way…Go on your own.  Be adventuresome.  Don’t forever seek the easiest way.  Take the way you find.  Don’t demand trail signs and sturdy bridges.  Don’t demand we show you the mountains.  See them and find them for yourself…Here’s your chance to get lost, fall in the creek, and find a beautiful place.”
-Randy Morgenson

Stay connected with Siobhan…


Instagram: @mtnrunner78

Twitter: @siobahnp78

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