The Let’s Talk Project: Face to Face Conversation in a Digital Age

What is your project?
The Let’s Talk Project is a solo, 3,000 mile cross-country journey on foot with the goal of highlighting the importance of face-to-face conversation in a digital age.

A few portraits to capture who Chris interacted with along his journey. Go to to hear more about their conversations.

How did it come about?
I was in my final year of school at the University of St. Andrews and found myself so consumed by what was on my phone and happening on social media that whenever I had free time, I was pulling my phone out and draining hours into it. I found myself becoming so connected to what was on it that I was disconnected to the people around me. The call to action was when I began to question the effect this had on me. I appreciate what these amazing tools offer us, but I remember thinking there has to be another side to this. In researching, I learned about Sheri Turkle’s  research at MIT on the effects of phone usage on patience and empathy, and from there I did more research on conversation as a skill and an art.

How did you find Honey Stinger, and why did you want us to be a part of your journey?
I heard about Honey Stinger through a friend and loved your message. Honey Stinger’s phrase ‘Sting or Bee Stung’ can also apply to how we engage with technology. That’s a lot of what Let’s Talk deals with, taking your life into your own hands.

When do you typically use Honey Stinger and what is your go-to flavor?
The Classic Ginsting Gel.  Usually I use Honey Stinger in the middle of the day, about 2 hours after lunch. The extra caffeine gives me a boost when I need it most!

What are a few major takeaways from your project?
First and foremost, being able to build strong relationships and engage with the people around us on a deep level is the most important thing that we can do in our lives. I’ve learned about how speed and depth interact.  Because I walked at 3 mph and did not drive or fly across this country, I was able to connect with the communities I travelled through in a deep and meaningful way. Similarly, I’ve realized that this relationship between speed and depth is at the core of the Let’s Talk project. When we engage patiently and honestly with those around us, we come alive and experience the true beauty of human connectivity.

What are your next steps, once you reach the west coast?
Currently I am working on getting a video made during this last month of my journey. This would be something that could be shared and spread across the world. I believe finding a balance in the way we communicate is something that will resonate around the world. As I am a musician, I am looking forward to releasing an album soon and am considering writing a book as well.

How can we follow the rest of your journey?
Sign up for the weekly email update:
Instagram: @letstalkusa
Facebook: @letstalkusaproject



For Let’s Talk media coverage, see links below.
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1000 miles Video:
Dallas Morning News:

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