Honey Stinger Hive Program 2017: FAQ

It’s that time of year!  Winter has arrived and we are already gearing up for the 2017 season.  We are excited to open the Hive for another year and to grow our Honey Stinger family.  To find out more about the Hive and if you would be a good fit, keep reading!


Hive athlete and Honey Stinger/Bontrager Team racer Cooper Dendel crushing the BME in Steamboat.

What is the Hive?
The Honey Stinger Hive is our grassroots sponsorship and ambassador program for athletes and teams.  These athletes and teams compete in over 50 different sport disciplines.  We have an elite program for professional athletes as well as an ambassador program for athletes of all levels. Look here for more specific qualifications.  Our Hive receive exclusive product discounts, Hive only swag, and the opportunity to participate in events with us!

Things that our Hive athletes have in common?
Passion: for their sport, for proper nutrition, and for our company
Community Involvement: giving back to the place where they live and train
Social Media Presence: authentically sharing their love for Honey Stinger throughout their daily workout and competition posts


Hive athlete Andre Fuqua battling the elements at the San Felipe Shootout.

What qualities are we looking for in applicants?
We want to know that you are a fan of our products.  Ambassadors unapologetically express to their friends, family, and random strangers that Honey Stinger is their choice fuel.  If you have never tried our products, then how can you know if you want to represent the brand? We want you to be able to share your experiences with others, your go-to flavors, and how Stinger impacts your training and competition.

Where to apply?

Buzz the BeeStay in touch with all things Stinger…
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HoneyStinger/
Twitter: @HoneyStinger
Instagram: @HoneyStinger


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