HIVE SPOTLIGHT: Get to know Kaci Lickteig

Kace Lickteig WS finish

Kaci winning the 2016 Western States 100 (Photo: Melissa Middleton)


Kaci Lickteig

Home base:
Omaha, Nebraska

Main sport:
Running – trail, ultra, road.

How did you get into the sport?
My best friend in high-school asked me to be on the cross country team with her. Then my mom, who stopped smoking, took up running and we started making it ‘our’ time to enjoy together. I haven’t stopped since!

Do you compete on a team or for sponsors?
I am on the Nike Trail Team. I am sponsored by Honey Stinger and CarboPro.

Greatest personal accomplishment:
Winning the 2016 Western States 100 Mile Endurance Race.

Training tip:
Be flexible. Your running schedule should not rule you. As long as you get the key runs in, don’t fret if it isn’t on the scheduled day. Make sure you account for life and stress.

Event on your bucket list:
Hardrock 100 Mile Ultra. It is something that intrigues me because of the difficulty, history, and beauty the trail holds. It is something that would be completely out of my comfort zone, and I love that kind of challenge

Favorite Stinger fuel:
Gluten Free Cinnamon Waffle and Lime-Ade Energy Chews.

Fueling tip – when do you eat your Stinger?
I practice eating my Stinger waffles and chews during my training runs. Your stomach is a muscle, and if you don’t train it to process your fuel it won’t be efficient during your key event.

Weirdest training or racing moment:
On a training run with a friend, we encountered an undercover police operation. We were running down a street when suddenly all these undercover cops ran up to a house with guns cocked! We bailed off the street and took cover. It was scary!

Random fact about yourself:
I am a huge Seinfeld fan!

Kaci winning the 2016 Western States 100            (Photo: Melissa Middleton)

Stay connected with Kaci..

Instagram: @ultrarunnerkc
Twitter: @runner_kc

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