Take Your Dog to Work Day June 24th…Everyday with Honey Stinger

We are pretty lucky here at Honey Stinger, along with our sister companies- Big Agnes, and BAP!, as we get to take our dogs to the office with us every day. In honor of Take Your Dog to Work Day, we decided to ask our canine companions a little bit about themselves. They’re all normally pretty shy, so we were lucky they squeezed us in for a little interview. With some help from their owners, these pups gave us some pretty great bios.

Frodo and Luna

Name: Frodo Baggins & Luna Lovegood
Age in Human Years, Breed: 12 & 5, Jack Russell Terrier
Job Description/Title: Special Ops Command, Rodent Warfare, Snack Acquisition Force, Perimeter Patrol, Excavation Detail, Human Relations Specialists. 

Grom and Dave

Name: Grommet & Dave (David when I’m being serious or in trouble)
Age in Human Years, Breed: 5, Catahoula/Pointer (maybe) & 9, Red Heeler/German Shepherd
Hobbies: (Grom) Tireless fetch, being a mountain biking ninja
(Dave) Tireless fetch, barking at ghosts/non-existent things, being aloof
Job Description/Title: (Grom) Lying next to dad’s desk 
(Dave)  CDO (Chief Dog Officer), K9 Patriarch


Name: Tucker (aka: Black dog, Prince Tuckington, Colonel McTuck)
Age in Human Years, Breed: 8ish, Black Dog 
Hobbies: swimming, skiing, whitewater rafting, rolling in snow, grass, or sand, porch sitting, sniffing the breeze and looking majestic.
Job Description/Title: Product Development Dog – I like to personally inspect each product as it comes into the office. All tents get sniff tested, and all sleeping bags get tested for adequate snuggle factor.


Name: Fiver – the name comes from a novel – it’s literary.
Age in Human Years, Breed:  6, Welsh Corgi
Hobbies: Napping at work, sleeping bag softness checking, fetch, fluffy butt swimming, hammock swinging, beer tasting, and chicken protecting
Job Description/Title: To be the Big Agnes celebrity, model, and actress. You may recognize me from such films as: Big Agnes Q-Core SLX, Yellow Jacket 4 mtnGLO,Wyoming Trail, and the ever popular Helinox Swivel Chair (just to name a few). While I haven’t received my Oscar quite yet, I feel it’s an honor just to be nominated.

Oak Trees

Name: Oak (aka: Trees) 
Age in Human Years, Breed: almost 12, One-eyed Lab Mutt mix. 
Hobbies: I love eating bumble bees (no joke), swimming, camping and rolling in the dirt.  #dirtbag
Job Description/Title: Official Honey Stinger Product Tester


Name: Charlie (aka: Buck Chuck)
Age in Human Years, Breed: 1 ½, Mostly Labrador with a little Shih Tzu and Papillon
Hobbies: When I’m not chewing up cardboard at the Warehouse, I spend my free time hiking, swimming, and catching frisbees. I am currently in a complicated relationship with a Brown Trout.
Job Description/Title: Cardboard Quality Control / Junior Gear Tester


Name: Dude.  
Age in Human Years, Breed: 3 ½, Goldendoodle
Hobbies: I enjoy sleeping on my back with my paws up in the air, playing with other dogs, eating snow in the winter, grass in the summer and not retrieving tennis balls thrown by my human Greg. 
Job Description/Title: Greg’s Mental Health Care Provider.


Name: Luxman (Goes by Lux, meaning loyal and sincere in Hindi)
Age in Human Years, Breed: 6 months, Black & Tan Coonhound
Hobbies: Singing, running, playing with friends, napping, sunbathing, exploring, & light housework (mostly dishes & sweeping).


Name: Rocko
Age in Human Years, Breed: Almost 4, Mountain Cur
Hobbies: To protect all of the employees and product at the Big Agnes warehouse from anyone or anything that might pose a threat.
Job Description/Title: My best friend/human, Spencer’s, wingman. He uses my assistance all the time for hiking, snowboarding, backpacking, climbing and my favorite, mountain biking. I found him in dire need for a best friend when I was just 6 weeks old.


Name: Peanut (aka: Petunia)
Age in Human Years, Breed: 5, Goldendoodle
Hobbies: Tennis balls, playing in the water, window hunting, and pretending to be a guard dog
Job Description/Title: Office Clepto (if you’re missing your bone, it’s probably near my bed)


Name:  Scout
Age in Human Years, Breed: 10 months, Labrador Retriever
Hobbies: Helping Jenn, my person, gain commuter points when we run to work together. I wish she was better at keeping up with me.
Job Description/Title: To ensure Jen’s conference calls do not run long. I’m not sure what she’d do without me reminding her to get away from the desk and play outside! She just talks and talks if I don’t interrupt her!


Name: Tupelo
Age in Human Years, Breed: 8, Golden Retriever
Hobbies: Snow, skinning the mountain, biscuits, food, napping, treats, squeaky things, shedding.
Job title: Biscuit Enthusiast/Nap Connoisseur


Name: Luci-Fur Grasser (commonly known as Luci) 
Age in Human Years, Breed: 6, Chocolate Lab and Collie mix.
Hobbies: Fetching, fetching and more fetching.
Job Description/Title: Fetching Coordinator and Treat Analysist


Name: Jameson Jake Jennings
Age in Human Years, Breed: 10, Labrador PitBull mix
Hobbies: I love to fish, hike, chase my ball, cliff jump, and swim of course.
Job Description/Title: Cardboard killer is my job title but my real profession is tree removal. 


Name: Magnus
Age in Human Years, Breed: 9, Newfoundland
Hobbies: Drinking water, swimming, pulling carts, keeping a watchful eye on humans in the water especially my new baby sister, loving, cuddling
Job Description/Title: VP of Tails and Barketing. 


Name: Taj
Age in Human Years, Breed: 13
Hobbies: I recently retired and now spend my days in the shade of the backyard with my neighbor cat friend, Bear. We watch the grass grow and the birds fly overhead and wait for my beloved little sister Ivy to come home from preschool. 
Job Description/Title: Door Stop, Snack Coordinator, Napping Executive, and Crotch Sniffing Department Lead


Name:  Bo
Age in Human Years, Breed: 7, Labrador Shepherd Mix
Hobbies: Adjusting to my new home and new humans, as I was recently adopted.  There are so many new smells and things to get used to.  I’m already loving Steamboat – hiking and running around and playing with all my new friends!
Job Description/Title: Master Napper, Belly Scratch Patrol – you will not pass through the office without giving me a rub!

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