A World of Skiing Fueled by Honey Stinger

Hive athlete and ski guide, Brennan Lagasse, shares a recap from his adventurous 2014/15 ski season:


Brennan touring the Himalayas

As a backcountry skier and ski guide, mountain nutrition is paramount. I was happy to join the Honey Stinger Hive this winter and found myself buzzing from the good energy all season long.

The buzz started in November with an early season assignment in Whistler, B.C. that carried on to the opening day of Revelstoke Mountain Resort. The weather was funky in Canada during the early winter, but “Revy” had a memorable first day with powder coating high elevation terrain, and heaps of happy skiers and riders celebrating the start of another winter.

Warren Miller Crew

Warren Miller Crew

After a quick trip to the frozen trails of New Hampshire, I found myself covered in cold, light snow reporting on early winter conditions in Chamonix, France and Courmayeur, Italy. February kicked off my guiding season with a session in the Kashmir Himalaya working for The Adventure Project. In March, it was time for Alaska where I co-guide a helicopter assisted ski touring program with Points North Heli-Adventures. We were happy to welcome Warren Miller Ent. this season to film a segment for their 66th film that’s due out in the fall.

Northern Lights – Greenland

After Alaska, it was time to head to Greenland to guide for Ice Axe Expeditions. This was our second trip to Sisimiut, Greenland, one of the most beautiful mountain regions of the Arctic. Back home in the Sierra for May, what had been one of the worst winters on record for precipitation in California turned out to be one of the snowiest, wettest months of May in years. Throw in a day of indoor skiing in Dubai, and even a few turns on some sand dunes in Nevada, and all in all it was a pretty memorable ski season.

Throughout my travels this ski year, I had Honey Stinger products in my pack on every mission. For the bigger days, I always had several gels on hand, becoming quite partial to the Strawberry Kiwi flavor by seasons end, but for everyday, I always had some combination of energy chews and waffles. The biggest problem for me after so many years of testing energy food is my palate has become strongly averse to enjoying it, to the point of having plenty of energy food in my pack, but not eating when I needed it because I had burned out on the taste. As nice as it is to sit down and enjoy a lunch or snack in the high country, I’ve become much more inclined to eat on the run, or skin track to save time over the years.

With Honey Stinger this season, I was actually able to get superior performance and enjoy what I was consuming. The waffles are tasty enough to just snack on, and the chews (Cherry Cola for the win!) are delicious. Imagine that – performance and taste. I definitely look forward to continuing to use Honey Stinger products in the field in the off-season for surfing, running, biking and climbing. Now my worry isn’t if I’m going to eat what’s in my pack, it’s keeping my pack stocked with enough goodies for every adventure!

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