Honey Stinger is Buzzing into Spring with New Products!

Honey Stinger is buzzing into spring with two new products! We have expanded our organic waffle line with a new caramel flavor. The new caramel waffle is comprised of a thin layer of honey infused with delicious caramel and sandwiched between two thin waffles. Why caramel? Honey Stinger Caramel waffle

“They asked for it, we produced it,” says Rich Hager, chief operating officer at Honey Stinger. “The inspiration was less of an inspiration and more of an open ear. We have had plenty of requests from our customers for a caramel waffle so all the credit belongs to our customers.”

We have also expanded our energy chews with a new grapefruit flavor. Yep, that’s right…the sweet and sour grapefruit flavor that everyone loves is now available in our grapefruit chews. These chews will surely awaken the taste buds but won’t make your face scrunch up because they are too sour. Our new grapefruit energy chews are certified organic, certified gluten-free, and fortified with 100% RDA of vitamin C. They are sweetened with organic honey and tapioca syrup and provide a natural and sustainable source of energy! Honey Stinger grapefruit chews

Both new products are available for purchase online at www.honeystinger.com

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1 Response to Honey Stinger is Buzzing into Spring with New Products!

  1. Mr.Kar says:

    It is very nice.

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