Honey Stinger Partners with Hookit For Hive Sponsorship

Honey Stinger is now accepting applications for Hive athlete sponsorship on Hookit, a digital platform designed to support athletes, brands and sports. The Honey Stinger Hive program supports the athletic pursuits of Honey Stinger customers and supporters by offering discounted Honey Stinger products and merchandise. Honey Stinger and Hookit Partnership

Both pro and amateur athletes on Hookit can track their progression and ranking alongside others while earning recognition, deals and sponsorships based on their Hookit Score. The Hookit Score ranges from 1-10,000, measuring athletes based on their results, fan base, social media activity, engagement and more in the motorsports, board sports, cycling/endurance, outdoor, team and Olympic categories.

“Hookit is the new standard for brands and industry insiders to identify the most active, valuable and influential athletes participating in a variety of sports,” said Marketing Director Len Zanni. “We look forward to using this platform to help grow our Hive program by fueling athletes who are out there pushing themselves.”

Brands on Hookit have the ability to track and rank athletes, teams and brands’ exposure and activity in social media using the Hookit Index. Data provided by the Hookit Index shows which athletes are most influential on social media, thus simplifying the discovery process and connecting athletes and brands seamlessly.

About Hookit

Hookit was started by Scott Tilton and RJ Kraus, former athletes who originally founded SponsorHouse in 2001 out of a motorhome. The original mission was simple – connect athletes with sponsors through the ‘Internet’. A revolutionary concept at the time, the vision has evolved into a platform for athletes to track their progression, build their personal brand and earn recognition and deals.

The Hookit Index and Hookit Score, are ground-breaking, proprietary innovations that will forever change the way athletes impact the $300B global sports economy. Today, more than 150 business partners use Hookit to support, manage and maximize the value and influence of athletes.

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