Honey Stinger team participates in the 23rd Annual Steamboat Pentathlon

Steamboat Pentathlon group


As Honey Stinger being a proud sponsor of the 23rd Annual Steamboat Pentathlon we also participated in the event with an all-female team.  Consisting of 5 ladies, 3 from Honey Stinger and 2 from our sister company Big Agnes.   Our team came charging out of the gates with one goal in mind… FUN!  The day began with epically beautiful temperatures and skies that were as blue as can be.  The race start was a mass of over 200 participants ranging from 8 year old kids, teens and adults.  Some were out to race and others were there to dress up in their finest costumes with a goal of completing the course.  This is a one of a kind race consisting of 5 portions.  The first being a run up the mountain and ski down to the transition area where the snow shoe runner takes off, next the skate skier, then the mountain biker and finally the road runner.  There are 2 distances available short course and standard that can either be done individually, as a duo or as a team.   Although our team, Stingas Keep Stingin’, did not win any awards we sure looked good in our bee costumes and had fun doing it!  Thank you Steamboat Pentathlon for a great event!

Steamboat Pentathlon group linda and reall

Steamboat Pentathlon krisit and reall Steamboat Pentathlon krisit Steamboat Pentathlon Rose

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