Honey Stinger Fuels the Trek Cyclocross Collective

As cyclocross fever continues to spread across the U.S., Trek has announced an all-star lineup to compete domestically and abroad this fall and winter. Honey Stinger will provide nutritional support to the team’s world-class athletes, including eight-time U.S. national cyclocross champ and three-time world cyclocross championship medalist Katie Compton.

“I’ve been eating Honey Stinger products for several years now. Their products have become an integral part to my training and racing programs and I’m very excited that they’re on board with the Trek Cyclocross Collective,” says Compton.

The team recently made their racing debut at the USGP of Cyclocross race in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin on September 22nd, where Compton dominated both days of racing in the women’s elite field. In addition to Compton, the team features a collection of passionate men and women spanning the professional, masters and junior ranks. The roster includes: Mark Legg, Russell Finsterwald, Tim Faia, Tom Price, Ellie Noble, Jesse Rients, Sven Bauman, Matt Tillinghast, Mark Savery, Jay Thomas, Tony Viton, Shannon Skerritt, Will Black, Tamara Donnelly, Abby Strigel, Isaac Neff and Matt Shriver.

“We’re huge fans of ‘cross and we’re pumped to be the official nutrition sponsor of the Cyclocross Collective,” states Len Zanni, Honey Stinger director of marketing. “Supporting this new program is a great way for Honey Stinger to increase awareness, but really we just love to see racers like Katie and Matt Shriver get muddy and suffer a bit.”

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