Team SOG Puts Honey Stinger to the Test

Team SOG, a hive Sponsored team gives is their lowdown on why they chose Honey Stinger as their official nutrition sponsor.

Honey Stinger

This brand has revolutionized the energy food industry by coming up with something other than a gel or a bar to eat.  The waffles and the gummies are absolutely delicious and are loved by every racer we have. They are light on the stomach, easy to eat and helps break up the taste of the usual energy bar.  The gummies have been especially praised for this and also help quench thirst when low on water. Most importantly they don’t turn into a big ball of “goup” in your mouth” then you need to focus on competing not eating. The energy gels put every other brand to shame, move over GU…Ginsting Honey Stinger is where it’s at. Protein bars? We thought they were candy bars. It is so amazing to have a recovery bar that doesn’t taste like chalk. There were only two  complaints to report. One  was the  lack of waffle flavors; more specifically, lack of a chocolate flavor… which you just released so you’ve answered their prayers.  The second was including a notch in the packaging that would make the product easier to open with wet hands.

-TeamSOG, 2011 United States Adventure Racing Champions

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