Colorado Racers Standout at Steamboat Stinger – Sixth Annual Event Raises Funds for Local Non-Profits

Racers returned to Steamboat Springs this past weekend for the sixth annual Steamboat Stinger, Honey Stinger’s two-day mountain bike and trail running race. This year drew the event’s biggest crowd yet across both the mountain bike and trail running races, with Colorado and local Steamboat athletes dominating the competition. 

“We’re thrilled to see the Steamboat Stinger grow into a highly-regarded event within the mountain bike and running communities with more and more racers coming out each year,” says Honey Stinger chief marketing officer, Len Zanni. “A big thanks goes out to the Honey Stinger and Big Agnes employees and all of our local volunteers who invest so much time and energy to make this event a success. The best thing about the event is that we make an impact within the community with our continued support of local non-profits Partners in Routt County, and local IMBA chapter, Routt County Riders.” Partners in Routt County logoRoutt County Riders logo

Saturday’s mountain bike race challenged competitors to complete the 50-mile course in two laps or in a duo team with racers alternating laps. Megan Carrington of Denver took first for Solo Pro Women with a time of 4:57:04 and Chris Baddick of Boulder took first for the Solo Pro Men with a time of 4:10:28.

For the duo teams, Honey Stinger/Bontrager team members Ken Benese and Trevor Walz dominated the men’s field with a combined time of 4:10:45. Melanie Henson and Rebecca Howland finished first for women with a total time of 5:27:35, and Honey Stinger Hive athletes Brad Bingham and Hannah Williams took first for the coed division with a time of 4:29:22.

The trail marathon and half marathon took place Sunday, with the marathon utilizing the same route as the mountain bike race and the half marathon utilizing a portion of the route. Golden’s Matthew Kempton won the men’s marathon with a time of 3:12:02, and Jordan Jones, also of Golden, finished first for the men’s half marathon in 1:27:04. Emily Harrison of Flagstaff, Ariz. dominated the women’s marathon with a time of 3:30:53, and Sarah Pizzo of Denver took first for the women’s half marathon with a time of 1:39:39.

The biggest feat of the weekend was not the 50-mile ride or the marathon, but a combination of the two—an accomplishment so great that the winner with the fastest combined time is crowned King Sting or Queen Bee. Steamboat’s Kelly Boniface took the title of Queen Bee, finishing in a total time of 9:38:18. Boulder’s Huybert Groenendaal was crowned King Sting, finishing in a total time of 8:44:53.

The 2016 Steamboat Stinger concluded the Colorado Mountain Town Series, a summer-long series that combines the three classic Colorado mountain bike races including the Gunnison Growler, Firecracker 50 and the Steamboat Stinger.

Honey Stinger/Bontrager Mountain Bike Team rider Liz Carrington rips down the course (Photo by Noah Wetzel)

Honey Stinger/Bontrager Mountain Bike Team rider Liz Carrington rips down the Steamboat Stinger course (Photo by Noah Wetzel)

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HIVE SPOTLIGHT: Get to know Kaci Lickteig

Kace Lickteig WS finish

Kaci winning the 2016 Western States 100 (Photo: Melissa Middleton)


Kaci Lickteig

Home base:
Omaha, Nebraska

Main sport:
Running – trail, ultra, road.

How did you get into the sport?
My best friend in high-school asked me to be on the cross country team with her. Then my mom, who stopped smoking, took up running and we started making it ‘our’ time to enjoy together. I haven’t stopped since!

Do you compete on a team or for sponsors?
I am on the Nike Trail Team. I am sponsored by Honey Stinger and CarboPro.

Greatest personal accomplishment:
Winning the 2016 Western States 100 Mile Endurance Race.

Training tip:
Be flexible. Your running schedule should not rule you. As long as you get the key runs in, don’t fret if it isn’t on the scheduled day. Make sure you account for life and stress.

Event on your bucket list:
Hardrock 100 Mile Ultra. It is something that intrigues me because of the difficulty, history, and beauty the trail holds. It is something that would be completely out of my comfort zone, and I love that kind of challenge

Favorite Stinger fuel:
Gluten Free Cinnamon Waffle and Lime-Ade Energy Chews.

Fueling tip – when do you eat your Stinger?
I practice eating my Stinger waffles and chews during my training runs. Your stomach is a muscle, and if you don’t train it to process your fuel it won’t be efficient during your key event.

Weirdest training or racing moment:
On a training run with a friend, we encountered an undercover police operation. We were running down a street when suddenly all these undercover cops ran up to a house with guns cocked! We bailed off the street and took cover. It was scary!

Random fact about yourself:
I am a huge Seinfeld fan!

Kaci winning the 2016 Western States 100            (Photo: Melissa Middleton)

Stay connected with Kaci..

Instagram: @ultrarunnerkc
Twitter: @runner_kc

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HIVE SPOTLIGHT: Get to know Troupe Racing

Troupe Racing

Meaning behind the name:
Troupe has a few different meanings. It started as troop. But a “troupe” also is a group of traveling entertainers. That’s an interesting comparison to how we travel around from race to race, venue to venue. We wanted a name that wasn’t expected. It was just finding ways to differentiate ourselves from what was expected and obvious.

Toe the line of any XC, endurance, or cyclocross race in SoCal, and you’re sure to see one of the Troupe – they’re easily recognizable. Having a visually strong team was important from the beginning, and we still consider every detail we can so that everything we do is cohesive…It’s something we do that sets us apart.

Home base:
Orange County, California

Main sport:
Cross country and endurance mountain biking…cyclocross too.

Reason for being on this team:
Nine years ago, we set out with a goal to start a mountain bike team. Back then, teams were big and all looked the same. We thought that with a bit of design, a few unique product partners and sponsors, the right mix of team members, and a lot of effort, we could bring a fresh team to the starting line. We’d like to think that we succeeded, but we’re not stopping there.

Favorite Stinger fuel:
Waffles – all of them, but mostly the maple flavor.

Worst sharer on the team:
We all share. But one team rider, who will remain nameless, always shows up and “forgets” to bring his waffles. The rest of us suspect that he’s hoarding his supply.

Piece of wisdom to pass on:
Cycling is hard. Sometimes it goes well and sometimes legs don’t work. It takes a lot of time to understand and get used to the ups and downs.

What animal best describes the team?
We’re more of a zoo, or a barnyard, full of different animals that are all fast.

Other team sponsors:
Santa Cruz / Juliana Bikes, X-FusionShox, Kenda Tire, fi’zi:k, Magura Brakes, Stan’s NoTubes, RedMonkey Sports, Handup Gloves, Lazer Helmets, Hincapie Sportswear, CarboRocket, Tasco MTB cycling apparel, Cassette Creative, Stikrd 

Stay connected with Troupe Racing…

Website (in progress):
Instagram: @trouperacingco
Twitter: @trouperacingco

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HIVE SPOTLIGHT: Get to know Megan Bradley

Megan Bradley

Home base:
I grew up in Lake Arrowhead, California. It is a small town in SoCal a mile high in the mountains of the San Bernardino National Forest. Currently I am attending University of California, Berkeley in Northern California and racing for the Cal Cycling team.

Main sport:
Cycling, primarily mountain biking.

Goal for the future:
Right now I am training for USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championships, held in Mammoth, CA, in mid-July. My goal is to win the Cat 1 Women 19-29 cross country mountain bike race.

Training tip:
Let’s say the trail has a lot of rocks and roots…don’t let that psyche you out. Just think of them as clumps of dirt. Haven’t you ridden over a clump of dirt before?

Funniest training or competition moment:
I was riding up a road in Berkeley and when I turned the corner there were about 20 wild turkeys running around in the street.

How did you hear about Honey Stinger?
I bought my first Honey Stinger energy chews at a bike shop in SoCal – they were the grapefruit flavor!

GFwaffleProBar_bloggraphic (002)Favorite Stinger fuel:
I have two favorite products depending on the mood I am in. I like the Gluten Free Salted Caramel Waffle and the Dark Chocolate Coconut Almond Protein Bar the best.

Recovery tip:
I like to always have a good source of protein after a hard ride. If I cannot immediately eat a whole meal, then I always grab a Honey Stinger protein bar (the Dark Chocolate Coconut  Almond flavor).

If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?
I would be a platypus because they are so versatile. They have beaks, swim underwater, and lay eggs!

Megan Bradley dog


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Training Tips by Lyndy Davis

Lyndy racing 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon (Photo credit: Janelle Davis)

Lyndy Davis is a professional long distance runner and Hive athlete.  After qualifying for and competing in the U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon in February, she is now focusing on “speeding up for a shiny new half marathon PR.”  Lyndy took the time to tell us about her training and leave us with a few tips.

Training Schedule

It is a good thing I like running because I run a lot, around 80-90 miles a week!  One of my weekend runs is usually 18-20 miles. In a normal training week I also do 2 speed sessions (a track day and a tempo pace day). Even though 90 mile training weeks tally up a lot of mileage, I try to avoid letting my pace get too slow. If I need to go super slow, I commit to taking a rest day or doing some cross training like yoga, weights, hiking, pool, or elliptical. Even though I am very focused on my running goals, I try to make sure I don’t dip into burnout and that I keep the love of the sport.

Lyndy Davis fuel bottles

Fun spill-proof water bottles with a Stinger gel taped on, Lyndy’s way of keeping racing light-hearted.

Fueling Techniques

I fuel on runs that are over 90 minutes. I like the Honey Stinger Gold and Ginsting Gels because they are easy to carry and gentle on my stomach. I feel an immediate boost when I take them. Also, they are really tasty, so I use the gels as a motivator mid run.  I set a time that I want to take my fuels, and I think of it as a reward part way through the run.

Training Tips 

“If you want to run fast, you have to run fast” –My Dad

It is simple and it is true. If you want your body to perform a certain way and be strong for a particular event, you have to show your body how to do it! For half marathon or marathon training, here are a couple training tips:

  1. Do a hilly run at least once a week. This helps build power in your legs and in your lungs. It is especially important to be mentally tough in races like the marathon. Hills provide a good challenge without having to run 15-20 miles to tap into the mental toughness of a marathon race.
  2. Don’t skip strides. (Strides are approximately 100m faster pace, driving your knees up) I do strides 2-3 times a week after runs, with 4 to 10 strides and ample rest between each set.  Shifting gears teaches your legs a faster pace, and it’s also important to be able to kick the last quarter mile of a race to the finish line! I try to do strides barefoot on the turf inside the track, but I can also frequently be seen sprinting back and forth down my neighborhood street.  Wherever you can find a 100m straightway, do your strides after your run. I have noticed that after a sluggish recovery run, I feel a lot better adding 4 strides at the end.
  3. Strong core and good posture! If you have weak posture sitting at the office all day or sitting around the dinner table, how do you expect your core to hold you up in a race? I find that planks are the magic ingredient to a strong core. Doing side and front planks is a good place to start.

Unique Pre-Race Habit

I pack my bag for a race one week before I travel. I get nervous and excited, so I pack to calm my nerves and feel ready!

(Embarrassing) Running Moment

I learned that carrying a partially consumed Honey Stinger Gel in my sports bra isn’t always the best idea. One time on a run, I downed half of a gel and put in back in my bra for later. That was stupid because the honey gel got inside my sports bra (not my brightest moment), but that wasn’t the worst part. When I was 5 miles deep into my tempo workout a bee flew into my sports bra and stung me! It was really painful, embarrassing, and funny. I quickly scratched the stinger out of my skin and kept running. Turns out, I ran that mile split faster!

*Lyndy is sponsored by Oiselle women’s running apparel, Newton Running shoes, Zensah and Honey Stinger

To follow Lyndy and her running…
Instagram: @LyndyDavis
Facebook: Lyndy Davis
Twitter: @LyndyDavis
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Take Your Dog to Work Day June 24th…Everyday with Honey Stinger

We are pretty lucky here at Honey Stinger, along with our sister companies- Big Agnes, and BAP!, as we get to take our dogs to the office with us every day. In honor of Take Your Dog to Work Day, we decided to ask our canine companions a little bit about themselves. They’re all normally pretty shy, so we were lucky they squeezed us in for a little interview. With some help from their owners, these pups gave us some pretty great bios.

Frodo and Luna

Name: Frodo Baggins & Luna Lovegood
Age in Human Years, Breed: 12 & 5, Jack Russell Terrier
Job Description/Title: Special Ops Command, Rodent Warfare, Snack Acquisition Force, Perimeter Patrol, Excavation Detail, Human Relations Specialists. 

Grom and Dave

Name: Grommet & Dave (David when I’m being serious or in trouble)
Age in Human Years, Breed: 5, Catahoula/Pointer (maybe) & 9, Red Heeler/German Shepherd
Hobbies: (Grom) Tireless fetch, being a mountain biking ninja
(Dave) Tireless fetch, barking at ghosts/non-existent things, being aloof
Job Description/Title: (Grom) Lying next to dad’s desk 
(Dave)  CDO (Chief Dog Officer), K9 Patriarch


Name: Tucker (aka: Black dog, Prince Tuckington, Colonel McTuck)
Age in Human Years, Breed: 8ish, Black Dog 
Hobbies: swimming, skiing, whitewater rafting, rolling in snow, grass, or sand, porch sitting, sniffing the breeze and looking majestic.
Job Description/Title: Product Development Dog – I like to personally inspect each product as it comes into the office. All tents get sniff tested, and all sleeping bags get tested for adequate snuggle factor.


Name: Fiver – the name comes from a novel – it’s literary.
Age in Human Years, Breed:  6, Welsh Corgi
Hobbies: Napping at work, sleeping bag softness checking, fetch, fluffy butt swimming, hammock swinging, beer tasting, and chicken protecting
Job Description/Title: To be the Big Agnes celebrity, model, and actress. You may recognize me from such films as: Big Agnes Q-Core SLX, Yellow Jacket 4 mtnGLO,Wyoming Trail, and the ever popular Helinox Swivel Chair (just to name a few). While I haven’t received my Oscar quite yet, I feel it’s an honor just to be nominated.

Oak Trees

Name: Oak (aka: Trees) 
Age in Human Years, Breed: almost 12, One-eyed Lab Mutt mix. 
Hobbies: I love eating bumble bees (no joke), swimming, camping and rolling in the dirt.  #dirtbag
Job Description/Title: Official Honey Stinger Product Tester


Name: Charlie (aka: Buck Chuck)
Age in Human Years, Breed: 1 ½, Mostly Labrador with a little Shih Tzu and Papillon
Hobbies: When I’m not chewing up cardboard at the Warehouse, I spend my free time hiking, swimming, and catching frisbees. I am currently in a complicated relationship with a Brown Trout.
Job Description/Title: Cardboard Quality Control / Junior Gear Tester


Name: Dude.  
Age in Human Years, Breed: 3 ½, Goldendoodle
Hobbies: I enjoy sleeping on my back with my paws up in the air, playing with other dogs, eating snow in the winter, grass in the summer and not retrieving tennis balls thrown by my human Greg. 
Job Description/Title: Greg’s Mental Health Care Provider.


Name: Luxman (Goes by Lux, meaning loyal and sincere in Hindi)
Age in Human Years, Breed: 6 months, Black & Tan Coonhound
Hobbies: Singing, running, playing with friends, napping, sunbathing, exploring, & light housework (mostly dishes & sweeping).


Name: Rocko
Age in Human Years, Breed: Almost 4, Mountain Cur
Hobbies: To protect all of the employees and product at the Big Agnes warehouse from anyone or anything that might pose a threat.
Job Description/Title: My best friend/human, Spencer’s, wingman. He uses my assistance all the time for hiking, snowboarding, backpacking, climbing and my favorite, mountain biking. I found him in dire need for a best friend when I was just 6 weeks old.


Name: Peanut (aka: Petunia)
Age in Human Years, Breed: 5, Goldendoodle
Hobbies: Tennis balls, playing in the water, window hunting, and pretending to be a guard dog
Job Description/Title: Office Clepto (if you’re missing your bone, it’s probably near my bed)


Name:  Scout
Age in Human Years, Breed: 10 months, Labrador Retriever
Hobbies: Helping Jenn, my person, gain commuter points when we run to work together. I wish she was better at keeping up with me.
Job Description/Title: To ensure Jen’s conference calls do not run long. I’m not sure what she’d do without me reminding her to get away from the desk and play outside! She just talks and talks if I don’t interrupt her!


Name: Tupelo
Age in Human Years, Breed: 8, Golden Retriever
Hobbies: Snow, skinning the mountain, biscuits, food, napping, treats, squeaky things, shedding.
Job title: Biscuit Enthusiast/Nap Connoisseur


Name: Luci-Fur Grasser (commonly known as Luci) 
Age in Human Years, Breed: 6, Chocolate Lab and Collie mix.
Hobbies: Fetching, fetching and more fetching.
Job Description/Title: Fetching Coordinator and Treat Analysist


Name: Jameson Jake Jennings
Age in Human Years, Breed: 10, Labrador PitBull mix
Hobbies: I love to fish, hike, chase my ball, cliff jump, and swim of course.
Job Description/Title: Cardboard killer is my job title but my real profession is tree removal. 


Name: Magnus
Age in Human Years, Breed: 9, Newfoundland
Hobbies: Drinking water, swimming, pulling carts, keeping a watchful eye on humans in the water especially my new baby sister, loving, cuddling
Job Description/Title: VP of Tails and Barketing. 


Name: Taj
Age in Human Years, Breed: 13
Hobbies: I recently retired and now spend my days in the shade of the backyard with my neighbor cat friend, Bear. We watch the grass grow and the birds fly overhead and wait for my beloved little sister Ivy to come home from preschool. 
Job Description/Title: Door Stop, Snack Coordinator, Napping Executive, and Crotch Sniffing Department Lead


Name:  Bo
Age in Human Years, Breed: 7, Labrador Shepherd Mix
Hobbies: Adjusting to my new home and new humans, as I was recently adopted.  There are so many new smells and things to get used to.  I’m already loving Steamboat – hiking and running around and playing with all my new friends!
Job Description/Title: Master Napper, Belly Scratch Patrol – you will not pass through the office without giving me a rub!

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Steamboat Stinger Announces New and Improved Race Course

Living up to its nickname “Bike Town USA” Steamboat Springs, Colorado, has been busily building new mountain bike trails for the past several years.  The 6th annual Steamboat Stinger races are excited to take advantage of the newly completed trails on Emerald Mountain, adjusting its singletrack mountain bike and trail running courses to include the new Wild Rose trail, which opened last September.

“We are proud to host the Steamboat Stinger on Emerald Mountain each year, as it boasts some of the country’s best singletrack,” said Honey Stinger Marketing Director, Len Zanni. “This year’s race will showcase one of the many new trails built in the past year, and provide a new and exciting challenge for riders.”

The new 1.44-mile trail begins at the intersection of Beall and Ridge trails, providing a direct, singletrack option to access the back side of Emerald Mountain. The addition of Wild Rose will add a new gradual climb to the race and allow for a more direct route to the finish line while eliminating any two-way traffic during the race. Riders in this year’s race will take a left up Wild Rose to the Ridge aid station after No Mo Blues instead of going up Stairway to Heaven.

The Steamboat Stinger will take place on August 13 and 14, 2016. Registration for the mountain bike race is closed, but spaces remain open to register for the trail marathon and half marathon. To register, please visit:


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HIVE SPOTLIGHT: Get to know Neely Spence Gracey

2016 Boston Marathon, Top American (Photo: Jon Vizena)

Neely Spence Gracey

Home base:
Superior, CO

Main sport:
Distance running (5k to marathon)

Do you compete on a team and/or for other sponsors?
I run for Adidas on the Rocky Mountain Elite team based on the front range of Colorado.

Greatest personal accomplishment:
Athletically, I am the 11th American female to ever break 70:00 for the half marathon. I am very proud of that performance. In life, my greatest accomplishment is marrying my incredibly supportive husband.

Goal for the future:
I believe that there is a lot left for me to accomplish in my career. Throughout the next four years, I want to establish myself as one of the top USA female marathoners in hopes to be one of the favorites to make the 2020 Olympic team.

How did you hear about Honey Stinger?
When I moved to Colorado, I bought some Honey Stinger products from the local Runner’s Roost. I was hooked.

Favorite Stinger fuel:
Gluten Free Salted Caramel Waffle

Pre-race habit or routine:
Having a Honey Stinger Waffle with coffee 3 hours before my race!

Person or athlete you look up to:
My dad (Steve Spence). He is the one that showed me that the life of a pro athlete is possible. He did what few athletes can even dare to dream of by winning a World Championships medal. I am so grateful for everything he has taught me, and I rely on his wisdom to help me meet my personal goals.

Funniest training or competition moment:
The Christmas run tradition where my whole family dresses up in all things red and green and go out and sing holiday songs while running around the neighborhood.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
To be a drug cheat detector and help eradicate those who are stealing from the clean athletes.

Neely Spence Gracey adidas

Photo: David Bracetty

Stay connected with Neely…

Instagram: @neelysgracey
Twitter: @neelysgracey

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A Glimpse into Mindful Running with Elinor Fish

Iceland Running + Wellness Retreat 2015

Trail runner and Honey Stinger Hive member Elinor Fish is the founder of Run Wild Retreats & Wellness, a Colorado-based company that helps individuals improve their health and cultivate increased energy and vitality through mindful running.

Elinor, of Carbondale, Colorado, took the time to answer some of our questions about mindful running as she gears up for her busy 2016 retreat season starting later this month that includes stops in Spain, the Canadian Rockies, Iceland and Moab, Utah.

How did you get into trail running?
Like a lot of kids, I got into running through my school’s track and cross country programs. I enjoyed being part of a team and having a coach to show me the basics to get started in running.  However, it wasn’t until after college that I discovered my true passion, running mountain singletrack trails in the Canadian Rockies.  I loved being on mountains trails so much that I made it my career.

You have been running for over 25 years and continue to find joy in the sport.  In your opinion, why are so many runners injured or burned out?
I believe it’s because we, as a society, are so accustomed to pushing ourselves harder to get more done, to do it faster and better, that we largely fail to realize how this busyness affects our physical and mental well-being.

Moab Running + Wellness Retreat 2015

What do runners learn at your running wellness retreats?
Our retreats last anywhere from four to seven days.  We start by addressing how stress affects the body and the symptoms that accompany it, many of which tend to manifest themselves in the quality of one’s running.  We continue by looking at ways to optimize your recovery rate. This involves healthy habits such as getting more sleep, supporting recovery with good nutrition and managing stress.

Along with stress management methods, we practice natural running techniques that improve your efficiency and lower the impact of running. This not only helps you run faster and farther, but also reduces the chance of injury.

Can you provide some tips for getting started in mindful running?
For sure—here are two techniques we practice during the retreats to get started in mindful running.

1. Focus on form
A great place to start with mindful exercise is to focus on your form or gait. During exercise, similar to focusing on a lit candle to slow the mind and its thoughts during a seated meditation, mindfully moving your body has a focused, calming effect on the mind.  Being relaxed makes your movements more fluid, which increases efficiency, allowing you to run longer with less fatigue.

2. Breathe like a baby.
Babies are masters at belly breathing. As we age, a stressful and sedentary lifestyle leads us to become habitually shallow breathers.  To breathe like a baby while you run, inhale slowly as you extend the belly outward. This helps draw breath into the lower lungs and fully extend the diaphragm. By fully inflating the lungs, you’re taking in the maximum possible amount of oxygen with each breath.  Exhale by drawing in the belly, as this causes the diaphragm to move upward. Since it may feel backwards to breathe this way at first, practice belly breathing while walking.  Begin to introduce belly breathing into your workouts once it begins to feel more natural.  These deeper inhalations help relax the body, pace yourself and move more efficiently.

Learn more about Elinor & Run Wild Retreats
Elinor Fish is the founder of Run Wild Retreats & Wellness and leader of this year’s Iceland Trail Running + Wellness Retreat for women (August 2 – 8, 2016), during which participants learn about mindful running and natural running form, run trails and beaches, soak in geothermal hot springs, dine on fresh Icelandic cuisine and meet local runners.
Twitter: @irunmindfully
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Honey Stinger Adds Low Sugar Snack Bar Category


We are excited to introduce a new, low sugar snack bar line to our growing roster of energy foods. These new Snack Bars are made with simple gluten free ingredients such as organic honey, organic apples, nuts and seeds, all of which are GMO free.

“Honey Stinger Snack Bars were added to our line of honey-based energy foods to provide a delicious, lower sugar option for people on-the-go,” says Jennifer Shea, Honey Stinger’s national sales manager. “Simple and clean ingredients comprise these tasty bars, which are made to fuel you in the backcountry, after a workout, and throughout the day.”

Honey Stinger Snack Bars are available in four flavors: Peanut Butter and Jelly, Super Fruit and Ancient Grain, Cran-Apple and Walnuts, and Nuts, Seeds and Roasted Serrano. Snack Bars are available in boxes of 15 at specialty retailers nationwide and online at (MSRP $25.35).

Snack Bars are the third new product line from Honey Stinger this year. In January, the company introduced new Gluten Free Waffles in flavors Salted Caramel, Cinnamon, and Maple, and Protein Chews in flavors Raspberry, Juneberry and Cherry-Lime.

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